3 Places worth to visit in Harz (Germany)

1. Brocken

Brocken is the highest peak of the Harz mountain range in Northern Germany, we were there on January 2019 and lucky to get to see a lot of snow. We hike around 3-4 Hours until we get to the top, sadly as we were on the top of the Mountain there was a Snowstorm so we can not see as much as we want, but still it was really good experiences. There is a famous Brocken Railway (German: Brockenbahn) that people can ride to the top.

2. Blauer See

Really nice small Lake with a beautiful clear water, it supposed to be blue in the Summer. We were there on the April, quite and peaceful place to go to have some breathtaking. We were amazed with the clearness of the water, you can see some fishes, frogs and any other animals living in the water. Not recommend to swim! And please always be aware of the trash that you may take with you, don’t leave it in the nature. Keep the beautiful places in the earth 💖

3. Achtermannshöhe

Great place to go to short hike, near of the Brocken in Harz National Park. We went around 60 minutes (taking the difficulty trail) until we made it to the Top, surprisingly there was still some snow in April as you can see in the picture. Achtermannshöhe is also the third highest Mountain in Lower Saxony, Germany.

There is a lot more great places to visit in Harz, I recommend to go to the mountains mostly in Winter because of the snow and of course in the Summer time the lakes. If you visited Harz you should also tried Windbeutel translated as Wind Bag, a typical dessert that tasted really nice!!

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