Schaalsee, Germany

This weekend we went to short trip to a Lake in North Germany, it called Schaalsee. UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Schaalsee is 310 km protected area between Hamburg, Lübeck and Schwerin.

There were quite a few people visting the lake, I think this place is very beautiful, people can enjoy the peace and quiet here, take a walk with a beautiful view and appreciate nature. The Schaalsee is protected nature, not from people but preserves it for people.

Because of a pandemic situation, it makes it difficult for us to travel, but let’s try as much as possible to enjoy the natural beauty around us. sometimes we don’t need to travel far away, sometimes we just don’t realize that there are also many interesting things to visit near by.

directly near the lake, there is a Church, Monastery that known as a quiet important to a national history and a Museum (Heimatmuseum) that many people visit. There is also a monument to honor the victims of the war in 1870-71.

That was our Short Sunday Trip, it only takes 45minutes from Hamburg by car. So, if you are looking for a breathtaking trip away from the city. I really recommended this place. I hope you enjoy the Blog!

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