Dublin, Irland

Dublin is the capital city of Irland. The city that famous with it’s Historical Building , Pubs and of course a Pint of Beer!

I was lucky to be there in the beginning of 2020, right before the Pandemic started. I was there as an exchange student (Erasmus) for almost 4 weeks. I remember the last week when I was in Dublin, the rumor of first case Covid-19 in Irland has just started. But lucky me, I have already visited a lot of places when I was there and also go back to Germany just in time before all the border are closed.

When I was there, I worked at the Hotel as an Apprentice, just like back home in Hamburg, Germany. So, it was not that difficult to fit in, I know a lot of things already but I also learned a lot of the differences between working in Germany and working in Irland. Especially on Food and Beverage section. Irland is also famous with their traditional food, I ate a lot of Oysters in Galway, Irish Breakfast in the Morning, Traditional Irish Scones on tea time, Irish Stew for Lunch and finally for the first time I tried Clam Chowder. I need to admit it, from all of the foods, I fall in love with the Soda Bread!!

Fish and Chips with a Guinness

Enough with the foods, it’s make me want to go back to Irland again. I also met a lot of great people there. I made some friends at the Hotel where I worked, I made some friends when I was just hang out at the Pubs and I also made some friend when I was on the Weekend-Trip. I always wondering how could they be so nice!? You know that people said, “the Sun makes people happier” but there was no Sun when I was there, not once! It was the coldest Winter I have ever experienced! But the people are so warm and kind, all about the good vibes. They smiled on the street, they greets each other when they walk by, they even buy you a drink on the Bars! I don’t know if it’s a thing in Irland but it has happened to me several times.

What I like about Irland is also that they loved their History, Heritage and Culture. I found it great, that they like to tell stories, almost in every conversation, every song they played, they put a little bit of stories in it. And even the young people there has a big respect for their culture.

  • Irish Ceili (pronounce “kay-lee) Dancing is a very traditional dance form. Also Irish stepdance the modern one, it’s always performed to traditional Irish music. The Ceili Dances consist of quadrilles, reels, jigs and long or round dances. These were the most native Irish traditional folk dances.
  • Irish Traditional Music is the happiest and energetic music I ever known, it’s also known as a Irish folk music. In general they used different kinds of instruments. For example the bodhrán (a frame drum) or Concertina. I went to an Irish Nights once when I was in Dublin, they show you how to play it.

Dublin is also famous for their Pubs and Bars. There is a lot of great Pubs and Bars in Dublin. But there was one Bar that so famous and everyone wanted to go there, The Temple Bar. It was always crowded with a long waiting lines. But I found it too much and I think it was full of tourists.

The Temple Bar

Here are some Pubs and Bar that I can recommend in Dublin. I have been there and they have a good atmosphere and not so expensive. Some of them have a live music.

  1. Mulligan and Haines – 32 Dame St, Dublin 2, Ireland
    • Great food and Live Music.
    • Walk-in’s welcome but booking is advised.
    • LGBTQ-Friendly
  2. The Ferryman – 35 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin Docklands, Dublin, Ireland
    • Warm and Cozy atmosphere.
    • Great selection of Beers.
    • A great traditional Old Style Dublin Pubs.
  3. The Landmark – 1 Kevin Street Lower, Portobello, Dublin, Ireland
    • Great food for lunches and dinner.
    • A lot selections of Wine, Beers and Cocktails.
    • Friendly services and great atmosphere.
  4. The Silver Penny by Weatherspoons – 12A Abbey Street Lower, North City, Dublin, Ireland
    • Not so expensive.
    • A lot of Craft Beer selection.
    • Plenty of seats.
    • The Chicken are so recommended!

Of course there are more Pubs and Bars in Dublin that I tried and all of them are great! But this four are the most recommended from me! Don’t be afraid to try new things, I found a lot of places that turned out to be great by just went inside without any recommendations or reading the reviews. That is exactly when, you get the experience!! The beauty of traveling.

I also went to some Short Trips when I was in Irland. I visited some natures, taking the break from the cities. I went to County Clare, Galway, Howth and some other places, here is some places that i recommend to visited to while you are in Irland.

Irland has a lot to offer, the cultures , the natures, Historical places, great foods and Pubs! That four weeks was not enough! I want to go back to Irland someday, maybe in a warmer season. I definitely want to go back to Irland! 💚🤍🧡🇮🇪

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