Around the World

Welcome to my website! Traveling around the world is the dream of every human… okay maybe my dream, not every human, but one thing that I know is that I want to take you with me on my Journey. I may have not been to all 193 countries in the world, but I would like to visit as many countries as possible.

Latest Journey

Pindah ke Jerman umur 18thn

Hey guys! Nama aku Selly salam kenal dan Selamat Datang buat kalian yang baru pertama kali baca blog aku! Sesuai dengan judul blog ini, hari ini aku mau berbagi cerita tentang gimana aku bisa pindah ke Jerman pada saat aku masih umur 18tahun. Sekarang aku sudah kurang lebih 5 tahun menetap di Jerman, aku sudah…

Labskaus from Hamburg

Labskaus is a sailor’s dish, Labskaus has experienced in recent years, a renaissance, similar to other former “poor people’s food” for example Matjes or salmon. Today you can find Labskaus almost on the menus of many restaurants with Hamburg or Northern Germany 🍽What’s in it? 1 tin of corned beef (about 340 g) 2 onions…

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