Around the World

Welcome to my website! Traveling around the world is the dream of every human… okay maybe not every human, but one thing that I know is that I want to take you with me on my Journey. I may have not been to all 193 countries in the world, but I would like to visit as many countries as possible.

Latest Journey

Ausbildung – Bekerja di Jerman

Apa itu Ausbildung ? Ausbildung adalah Program pelatihan kerja & keterampilan; sekolah sambil bekerja di Jerman. Ausbildung ada berbagai macam jenis dan bidangnya. Tidak semua negara memiliki program Ausbildung seperti di Jerman, bahkan setau saya bisa di bilang Program ini hanya ada di Jerman. Di Negara Belanda ada juga Program yang sama mirip seperti Ausbildung…

Schaalsee, Germany

This weekend we went to short trip to a Lake in North Germany, it called Schaalsee. UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Schaalsee is 310 km protected area between Hamburg, L├╝beck and Schwerin. There were quite a few people visting the lake, I think this place is very beautiful, people can enjoy the peace and quiet here, take…

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